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3 Quick Lessons To Help You Learn To Play The Piano

In my previous article, I talked about how you can quickly master playing ABRSM piano songs. However, if you just want general piano lessons in Singapore, and not necessarily learning piano for only the specific purpose to pass the ABRSM piano examinations in Singapore, then you should check out the following piano tutorials. If you are looking for a private music teacher instead, then check out

I have compiled several great tutorials I have found on YouTube, and collated them all below for your easy reference. The following piano lessons are really basic and yet such explanatory by itself that any beginner will be able to listen to the lessons below and quickly become a decent pianist. Of course, you will still need lots of practice to truly become a great pianist and be able to bring out every music piece out perfectly like a professional. When it comes to music, practice still makes perfect. However, at least with the lessons below, you will quickly be able to a decent player, and be able to easily play chords and impress your less musically inclined friends!

The steps taught in the videos below will also help you master classical music songs, which are typical in ABRSM exams and very important if you want to eventually become a public performer at piano concerts.