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How Much Do Piano Lessons Really Cost In Singapore?

If you are intending to let your child learn the piano, then it is important to understand the financials being making it work out for you as well.

So how much do piano lessons cost in Singapore if you want your child to reach ABRSM grade 8 level proficiency level?

First of all, there are basically 3 parts to the financial aspect of learning the piano:

  • Purchasing the piano
  • Piano lessons itself
  • Registering for the examinations

Part 1: Purchasing the piano

Depending on whether you are living in a landed property or an apartment (be it HDB or condo), you may want to opt for either an upright piano or a grand piano. A grand piano can cost upwards of $20,000, while a usual upright piano costs around $8000. Purchasing a piano is a must, because practice is the one of the main things which will allow your child to truly master playing the piano. Purchasing a mid to high tier model from a good piano brand like Yamaha or Cristofori will usually already allow your child to use the same piano till he or she reaches grade 8.

Part 2: Piano lessons

Monthly costs of piano lessons for four lessons per month starts from around $150 in grade 1 and up till $350 in grade 8. Taking an average of $250 per month, that will be around $250 x 12 months x 8 years = $24,000. This is the average cost you can expect to shell out for your child’s piano lessons over 8 years if your child passes each piano exam the first time he or she takes it and only takes 1 year to master each ABRSM grade.

Part 3: Registering for the piano examinations

The ABRSM practical grade 1 examination registrations cost around $185, and increases until around $480 at grade 8. The ABRSM theory grade 1 examination registrations cost around $105 for grade 1 till $195 for grade 8. If your child were to take each exam once and pass it on the first try, it will be around $3640 as of today, if there is no major changes to ABRSM’s fees.

This means that all in, it will be approximately $35,000 for your child to reach grade 8, or approximately $4,375 per year.

Therefore, make sure to find out if your child is truly interested in learning the piano first. Although playing the piano has great benefits and correlation to higher IQ in children, it is still important to seek the understanding of your child before proceeding.

Despite the high price tag, if your child is able to reach grade 8 piano proficiency level, your child can easily earn $30 per hour by teaching others to play the piano! This means that your child has the future option to work part-time as a piano teacher to supplement his or her income.