Mutually Beneficial Dating for Nevada College Students

Since the dawn of humans, masculine men have traditionally been the provider and women have been the caretaker.

Masculine men used to fight in the wild and killed animals to get food in the stone ages, and today, masculine men work hard at their careers and make an absolute killing in their financial success.

Feminine women used to protect the caves from invaders and took care of the children in the stone ages, and today, feminine women look attractive and take care of their children.

In today’s society, masculine men provide financial success and support to women, while feminine women provide emotional support to men and be their pretty and fairer companion.

As seen from, many college students in Las Vegas are turning to jobs like social escorting and being sugar babies to pay for their college loans and the sky high interests along with it.

Whether you agree with the trend of more women in Las Vegas becoming escorts and sugar babies or not, reality is that this has always been the case in society – it is just that the rate at which this is happening is exacerbated by the skyrocketing college tuition costs.

Check out the following video to find out more on this topic by Fox 5.

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