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How To Be A Piano Teacher In Singapore – 3 Steps!

Now, I am assuming that by you reading this post, you have already made up your mind earlier on that you want to be a piano teacher in Singapore. With that said, let us move on proper with the 3 steps I promised you in the title above on how to become a piano teacher in SG.

Step number 1: Get a piano Diploma instead of just a Grade 8 ABRSM certification. Not only can you charge higher as a result of this, it helps you stand out slightly more than the other ‘normal’ Grade 8 ABRSM ‘amateur’ piano teachers. By taking a Diploma, you will be seen more of an authority, and you can then charge higher and still get students, or charge the same as a ABRSM Grade 8 teacher would and get more students than they ever can due to students seeing you as a better pianist and hence teacher. It can be quite competitive to be a private piano teacher in Singapore, and you need to do everything to differentiate yourself and get more customers. You also need more than just a Diploma to get students quickly so you can kickstart your career as a music teacher. Check out steps 2 and 3 to find out more.

Step number 2: Apply for a job or rather, find a music teacher-student agency online and then work with them. These agencies, usually established ones (e.g. tend to get a healthy amount of students requesting for teachers per week. This ensures that although they may take a big chunk of your initial first month income, you will get a steady rice bowl because of the steady inflow of student. My take? A good exchange for stability and quick growth in my student base.

Step number 3: Ask for referrals. That is right. At the end of the day, as a private piano teacher in Singapore, you are self employed. No one is going to put a fixed salary into your bank account or CPF at the end of the month. This means more freedom and also more work at the same time. You need to go all out and teach students as best as you can. But if you want to stay in the business, you need to ask for referrals, and get your name out there.

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