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How Do I Pick A Good Private Piano Teacher In Singapore?

If you are looking for a private piano teacher in Singapore, here are 3 big tips in 2018 for you to help you find the best piano teacher.

First and foremost, I strongly recommend that you pick a piano teacher from a teacher-student match up agency. A quick example of such an agency in Singapore is SG Learn Piano. The reason you should pick from a teacher-student match up agency is because they have a pool of teachers which you can pick from. This means that if the agency is large enough, they will have a large enough pool of teachers, such that their recommendations can be unbiased. However, if you were to look for independent and individual music teachers, do you think they will be able to give you recommendations to other teachers and tell you that they are bad? No, they simply wouldn’t due to conflict of interest. However, when it comes to a teacher-student agency, they still make the same money regardless of the teacher they actually match you up with! This means that their interests are more in-line with yours and will not make bad recommendations – take their advice if they recommend you to/against a particular teacher they say is good/bad.

Second of all, most of your problems will be solved if you had gone to an agency. However, there are some things you should also raise up to the agency so that they can find a more suitable teacher. Make sure to tell the agency whether you or your child intends to learn piano lessons for leisure or for the purpose of passing the formal ABRSM exams. Some teachers specialize only in teaching students who want to learn for the purpose of acing the ABRSM exams. However, other teachers teach both leisure and regimental lessons.

The third and last tip I have for you to pick the best private piano teacher in Singapore is to make sure to tell the agency where you stay and that you only want teachers who stay near you. For instance, if you stay in Jurong West, ask for a teacher who also stays in the West. This is because if the teacher stayed too far from your home, they will charge you a transportation fee. Additionally, any last minute rescheduling with the teacher will need much earlier notification if he or she stayed too far from you. Also, trust me when I say that if the teacher is near you, he or she will be more motivated to teach your or your child music lessons.

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  1. Thank you for your tips. Thanks for you help, as a result, I went to an agency, and it was SO MUCH easier to look for a good teacher through an agency. I actually got a female piano teacher from a forum for my daughter’s piano lessons, and it was so bad… turns out that teacher had (now obvious to me) bias reviews of her lessons on the forums – since she couldn’t make money if she had recommended me someone else.

    However, with an agency, they can recommend me the perfect private piano teacher I need in Singapore without any bias at all!! Especially if the agency is quite well known! Thank you once again!

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